We build architectural models to all scales, levels of detail and style.

From the simplest hardwood blocks to models fully detailed inside and out and on occasion, full size prototype components.

Clients requirements are increasingly sophisticated and as a result we are able to install all types of illumination and interaction to complement the models.

Microprocessor controlled keypads allow illumination of individual dwellings within the larger apartment development models.

Our production facilities / methods include the traditional construction methods of acrylic and resin block with the addition of resin and white metal casting, chemically etched brass, multi-colour rubdown graphics and computerised 2D cutting on our Pacer machine. Finishing is done in our fully equiped spray shop.

We produce plinths in any material and finish to display models or other exhibits, along with acrylic display cases and literature holders. If you require a sales centre or office fitted out we do that also.

If your project is at an early stage we can supply a wide range of modelmaking materials and accessories for producing development models within your own offices.