Over the years we have produced many hundreds of awards in many varied materials, and have a wealth of experience and knowledge from which to produce quality objects.

Awards and presentation pieces are produced either based on our clients designs or are designed in-house.

We have the facilities to sculpt and machine most types of materials including timber, acrylics, resins and metals.

We engrave using a computer controlled system which allows an almost endless possibility of typefaces and designs to be cut.

We also produce computer cut vinyl lettering in a wide variety of colours and finishes.

We can encapsulate many types of objects within blocks of clear acrylic and which can be further enhanced by silkscreening or engraving.

'Chemical milling' can produce many varied effects including surface etching into metals or even etching right the way through thin materials leaving delicate filigree structures which could not be produced in any other way.

If you require lecterns, plinths or props in any type of material and finish for your award ceremony we produce these as well.

So if you require a one-off piece or on-going multiples we look forward to receiving your enquiry.